1st July 2021

Brighton & Hove Common Ambition Service Design: Call for expressions of interest

Patient and receptionist chat in the surgery waiting room

The Brighton and Hove Common Ambition project will work with people with lived experience of homelessness, frontline providers and commissioners to develop a new approach to co-production within homeless health services, in order to improve health services and outcomes for people experiencing homelessness in Brighton & Hove.

We aim to:

  • Develop a greater understanding of the needs and experiences of patients experiencing homelessness.
  • To (better) understand how people feel when using health services, ensuring that feedback is invited, welcomed, valued and used in a positive way to improve the whole experience.
  • Integrate the expertise and experience of people who use the services into evaluation, improvement and development of homeless healthcare in Brighton & Hove.
  • Deliver a strengthened homeless healthcare system which better meet the needs of patients.
  • Improve the governance of the overall system, working with patients, providers and commissioners.

The three-year project is led by Arch Health, in partnership with Justlife, University of Brighton, Brighton & Hove CCG and Brighton and Hove City Council Public Health Department. Although this is the core partnership, this project is a city-wide initiative. We are looking to engage as many people as possible with lived experience of homelessness, alongside health services, homeless health providers, local homeless organisations and frontline staff. Together we can co-produce a strengthened homeless health service across the city, drive systemic change in the way homeless health services are commissioned and ultimately reduce the dire health inequalities which currently exist. For full details on the project, please refer to the main Brighton and Hove Common Ambition page on our website.

Project Structure


Phase 1 – Stakeholder Engagement: Engage a diverse range of people with lived experience of homelessness to participate in the project, alongside committed health services, organisations and commissioners.

Phase 2 – Review: Review homeless health services in Brighton and Hove, in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses. Establish challenges, barriers, areas for improvement and best practices.


Phase 3 – Co-creation: Themes, challenges and areas to improve are established in phase 2 and taken to stakeholder groups to discuss, brainstorm, design and develop improved health services. To co-create new ideas, system improvements and models and test methods of co-production.

Phase 4 – Test and Feedback: New ideas and models are implemented within services, build easily accessible feedback channels and make changes/ re-model if needed.


Phase 5 – Evaluation: The project and its outputs will be evaluated in several different ways, the aim is that learnings will feed into wider system change and new models will be established.

Phase 6 – Embed: Recommendations from our learnings, models are easily adoptable by all services and ensure the whole stakeholder community continues to embed a culture of co-production.

Request for expression of interest

We are looking to work with an experienced freelance Service Designer or service design agency who will work with the project team to plan and deliver a design strategy in order to co-produce system and service improvements and new ways of working within the homeless healthcare system in Brighton and Hove. This will include planning and strategy, incorporating data and research to develop service design interventions, developing design and co-production methodologies, workshop facilitation and capturing outcomes.
Brighton and Hove Common Ambition is a 3 year project, we will be looking for service design work to be delivered from Autumn 2021 to December 2023.

This will include:

  • Working with the project team to develop a design strategy to work with people with lived experience of homelessness, frontline providers and commissioners to co-produce health service improvements and service re-design.
  • Working with the project team to design and manage the design approach
  • Working with the project team to ensure a joined-up approach to data collection that will feed into service design
  • Develop design methodologies, to include collaborative pairs and human centred design
  • Plan and facilitate design workshops
  • Develop a capturing and reporting system
  • Work with the project team and steering group to finalise and package models/methodologies that can be used across the homeless healthcare sector
  • Training people with lived experience and frontline workers to carry out workshops


  • At least 2 years work experience in service design
  • Strong knowledge of human-centred design and how to apply it
  • Proven experience in health service design
  • Proven experience of designing and facilitating workshops
  • Interest and/or experience in co-production
  • Interest and/or experience incorporating visual design and/or other creative methods
  • Ability to deliver workshops and training in Brighton and Hove
  • Experience of working with vulnerable communities/patients

How to submit an expression of interest

Expression of interest from freelance workers, agencies and organisations will be considered. Please email nicky.pyper@nhs.net  with an expression of interest document including all information requested in the information section below by 5pm, 9th August 2021. For an informal chat about the project please contact nicky.pyper@nhs.net.

Information required from interested parties

  • Name and Address
  • Brief details/background of you and (if applicable) your organisation
  • An indication of how you would approach the project
  • Evidence of previous experience

Contract Timetable

  • Issue of invitation document – 5th July 2021
  • Expression of interest submission deadline – 9th August 2021
  • Shortlisted parties contacted – week commencing  16th August 2021