2nd February 2021


What Arch is doing

Covid vaccinators in St John ambulance Feb 2021
The vaccination team get ready for the day’s work

At the end of our initial 8-week Covid-19 vaccination outreach service, in partnership with Justlife, Sussex Community Foundation Trust and St John Ambulance, we are delighted to have reached over 800 people who were eligible for their Covid-19 vaccination, but were unable to travel to the central vaccination sites. Our service was featured as a case study on the Queens Nursing Institute website.

This partnership will be continuing for round two of the vaccination outreach service, over another 8-week period, in order to reach people with their second vaccinations and ensure the highest possible immunity. This important work contributes to bringing down transmission and infection rates in Brighton and Hove, and keeping all of our citizens safe.

It is really important to ensure we reach everyone from round one for their second vaccine. We would encourage our patients or anyone who has received the vaccination through us, to please ensure you attend your second jab appointment. If you are working with anyone who has received their first jab, please encourage and support them to attend the second appointment.

There are some useful resources including leaflets and a video, on the Groundswell website, with information on the Covid-19 vaccination, both for people experiencing homelessness and the frontline workers supporting them

This vaccination outreach service is the latest in our efforts over the last year to support our patients and anyone experiencing homelessness in Brighton & Hove, through the extra challenges the pandemic has brought. See our latest news page, for a letter from our CEO and a timeline, outlining this work.