17th October: Brighton’s Day of Compassion – a chance to remember

On Sunday 17th October, the city of Brighton and Hove will be holding a day of compassion, to acknowledge lives and losses during the pandemic. As part of this there will be a “Place of Reflection”, from 11am to 2pm, in the Brighton Dome Foyer. Arch will be holding a stand there, giving our patients, supporters and members of the public the chance to remember and celebrate the lives of those we have lost over the last 18 months. A Place for Reflection is free and open to attend in the Foyer from 11am to 2pm, no booking required. We look forward to seeing you there.

In other parts of Brighton, healing support groups, workshops, exhibitions, music and meditation sessions will take place at venues including the Friends’ Meeting House, Unitarian Church and Fabrica Gallery and Jubilee Library will be providing regular information and updates about the day. There will also be a service of compassion at 4pm. For more information, check out the Day of Compassion on facebook.

 Geraldine Hoban: a new chair for ArchPortrait shot of Geraldine Hoban, new chair of the board of Directors at Arch Health

Arch Health CIC is delighted to appoint a new chair to its board of Directors, Geraldine Hoban. Geraldine, a Brighton resident, has served as a Non-Executive Director of Arch since its inception and has been a key part of the organisation over the past five years. Her professional history also makes her perfectly suited to steer Arch over the next few years and beyond: the company is growing, branching out into new partnerships and ways of working, and is taking a leading role in tackling health inequalities in the city.

Geraldine joined the NHS in 1990 as a public health specialist, developing services in response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in South London. She has worked in many areas of the NHS since, including establishing the Brighton and Hove CCG in 2012 and is now the Managing Director for Foundry Healthcare in Lewes leading their population health and transformation programme.

Geraldine has a first degree in psychology from York University, a masters in public health sciences from St. George’s Medical School and has recently been awarded an MBA from Cass Business School.

Geraldine has a longstanding interest in health inequalities and advocating for homeless health in particular. She commissioned the Pathway Plus service at the Royal Sussex County Hospital when working in Brighton and it was from there that the vision for an integrated primary care based model of care for the City was realised in the founding of Arch Healthcare in 2017.

Geraldine says, “I am absolutely delighted to be taking on the role of Chair for Arch at such a key time in the organisation’s development. Arch has already achieved so much in terms of delivering outstanding primary care but our vision is to strengthen collaboration with other agencies and provide truly integrated, comprehensive care to our homeless community in Brighton. I’m honoured and excited to be working with such a great team at Arch in taking this vision forward.”

Gary Bishop, CEO of Arch, says, “Geraldine has brought so much to the leadership of Arch as a non-executive director and is the perfect appointment as chair. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to work more closely with her. Geraldine’s experience, knowledge and expertise is going to help us enormously as we provide the highest quality of care to people who are without a secure home and develop new approaches to addressing health inequalities in the city.”

Introduction to Arch Online Event (via Zoom) / Wednesday 28th July 11-12pm

Are you interested in learning more about the work of Arch Healthcare? Would you like to meet the team? Would you like to find out more about healthcare for people facing homelessness in the city?

Then you are very welcome to join us for an online Introduction to Arch Healthcare event hosted on Zoom.

The session is suitable for people working in the homeless sector, and anyone who would like to know a little more about our work. As well as locals we welcome visits from further afield.

  1. The surgery’s history
  2. A day in the life of the surgery
  3. How the surgery is tailored to support people facing homelessness
  4. The vision & values which drive our organisation
  5. How we work with partner organisations
  6. Useful points of contact for our partners working with us

There will also be time to ask questions and have a chat. We look forward to meeting you online! Click here to book.

Arch: 2021 culture leaderBreathe HR Culture leader winner logo

We are so proud to announce that Arch is officially an award winning Culture Leader of 2021! We are one of just a few small UK businesses recognised by the annual BreatheHR awards, for actively put our people first.

We’ve done this by:

  • demonstrating that we really live our values: Equality & Fairness; Honesty & Integrity; Kindness & Humanity; Collaboration & Community; Excellence & Curiosity;
  • illustrating how we have put people first in the last year;
  • showing that culture is a business priority.

All this is only possible because every member of the Arch team takes their role and responsibility extremely seriously, recognising the huge impact they can all have on Arch patients. Arch in turn, recognises the importance of every team member, adopting a coaching management rather than a performance management structure and encouraging a non-hierarchical atmosphere in which all employees are empowered to speak up and offer suggestions and challenges. When things go wrong, as they inevitably do sometimes, we are open and honest, and non-judgmental in finding solutions to ensure we continue to improve our working processes and continue to do the best for our patients. The past year has shown us all how important we are to each other, and whilst we have mourned the loss of warmth and spontaneity between colleagues and with patients, we have each benefited from a positive workplace which shares, grieves and celebrates together and understands, to a much greater depth, what is going on for each individual. In every way we are human first, before we are doctors, nurses, support workers, managers or administrators. We want our patients to experience a very human service when they come to us, and this year more than ever, the Arch team have brought their whole selves to work.

We are extremely lucky to have such a fantastic team, and it is wonderful that this has been officially recognised. We firmly believe that this strong culture of people first can only benefit our patients, with each of us trusted, supported and empowered to do our very best for those we care for. We undertake to keep building on this culture and providing the very best care for those who need it most.

Recruitment for Non-Executive Director

Are you the next Non-Executive Director at Arch Health CIC?

Arch is a specialist healthcare provider for people who are homeless in Brighton & Hove and we currently have a vacancy for a Non-Executive Director to join our brilliant board.

If you are a strategic leader with experience in a clinical, commercial or social care setting and have a passion for ensuring people without homes receive the best possible care, then this could be the perfect opportunity for you to utilise your skills to support our outstanding Arch team and help to lead us in delivering transformational services for the city.

This is a voluntary post. If you are interested in hearing more we will be hosting a reception for potential candidates on September 7th. Please express your interest by emailing fliss.purchase@nhs.net.

A letter from Arch CEO Gary Bishop on the 1-year anniversary of the first UK lockdown, 23rd March 2021

Read alongside our timeline of events, March 2020 – March 2021.

Dear Friends,

What a milestone to reach – one year since the first Covid-19 lockdown commenced. One year since the world turned on its head for many of us, one year since the introduction of many radical changes in the way we work and live. It may not be over yet but it’s time to exhale and say ‘Well done Brighton & Hove. Thank you.’

A year ago, none of us knew how the pandemic would affect people facing homelessness, and those living in insecure housing across Brighton and Hove. At Arch we are all too aware that, even in normal circumstances, homelessness can have a devastating impact on a person’s health. Covid-19 was a wholly unknown adversary, but we knew we had to respond to it quickly and thoroughly in order to protect people.

Our first response was to change the way our core primary care services operate, moving most consultations to the telephone and making new arrangements to enable staff to work at safe distances. We continued throughout the whole year to see patients face to face when necessary with strict protocols for PPE and infection hygiene measures. NHS guidelines were changing almost daily in the first few weeks of the pandemic and the Arch team worked tirelessly ensure the safety of our patients and staff and also protect the services we provide. At the same time we were helping to lead the creation of what became the Care & Protect Model with Brighton & Hove City Council, and playing a key role in securing hotel accommodation for people who would otherwise not have been able to self-isolate. Working with St Mungos, Brighton Housing Trust, Public Health, The Mental Health Homeless Team and Sussex Community Foundation Trust, we were able to safely accommodate over 400 people, with our clinical team providing daily healthcare into all the accommodation. Well done Brighton & Hove. Thank you.

Beyond the Care and Protect accommodation the city was asleep. The necessary closure of many day centres and support services made day-to-day survival even more difficult and created higher levels of uncertainty and fear for many. The closure of public spaces and amenities left those without homes also without access to shelter from the elements, food sources and clean water. Of course, our city rallied to help. The city council, healthcare providers, charities, community groups, faith groups, local businesses and concerned individuals regrouped and formed task groups, working together to distribute food, medicines and vital supplies in order to enable people to stay at home and reduce the risk of infection. The compassion, innovation and sheer determination of every organisation and individual involved in these ongoing efforts is truly inspiring. Well done Brighton & Hove. Thank you.

The measures which we were collectively able to introduce, ensured that Covid-19 infection rates were much lower than initially feared amongst people who are homeless or in insecure housing throughout the early months of the pandemic. Perhaps surprisingly, deaths from any cause were in fact lower than we usually see amongst our patients during some months of the year. We attribute this to the fact that everyone had access to secure, appropriate accommodation with relevant support available on site, nutritious food, clean water and washing facilities. For some, this was the first time they had felt safe for many years. It is no surprise that the incredible interventions which our city was able to create, had a significant impact on the number of infections and saved lives. Well done Brighton & Hove. Thank you.

Following a summer of looser restrictions and lower infection rates, cases began to rise again in the autumn, heralding in new restrictions and lockdowns. Arch continued to work behind the scenes with the council and partners to establish dedicated self-isolation and recovery facilities, to ensure that anyone facing homelessness with Covid-19 would not have to recover on the streets or in shared or unsuitable accommodation. This work led to the city’s successful bid to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) which is now funding:

  • dedicated Covid recovery accommodation;
  • a specialist A&E worker provided by Justlife;
  • 5 stepdown beds run by YMCA Downslink Group and Arch to accommodate people who are being discharged from BSUH but have nowhere suitable to stay;
  • a ‘step-away’ service which will boost the Sussex Community Foundation Trust team supporting people who are living in homeless settings across the city.

Our whole city, working together, has been swift to recognise the need to house people safely as a preventative measure for subsequent lockdowns. Because of this, many people facing homelessness were able to live safely through the winter months when they were most at risk. Well done Brighton & Hove. Thank you.

On January 15th 2021 the NHS Covid-19 vaccination site opened at Brighton Racecourse. This was, in itself, a great achievement, but it became clear from the start that our fears were justified and many people who are homeless were, for various reasons, not going to be able to access the mass vaccination sites. Concerns were raised once again about how we could reach clinically vulnerable people quickly with the vaccine. A little over 3 weeks later Arch launched a mobile vaccine service working closely with Justlife, Sussex Community Foundation Trust and St John Ambulance. The program aims to administer 1000 first doses over an 8-week period followed by 1000 second doses. Utilising the St John Ambulance Treatment Centre, nurses are able to visit hostels, emergency accommodation and day centres on three days each week. With the support of accommodation providers we have been able to deliver over 500 vaccines at the time of writing. Take-up has been good, people have been enthusiastic to receive their vaccine and the atmosphere on and around the treatment centre has been one of gratitude, joy and relief for so many people. Well done Brighton & Hove. Thank you.

At the end of a year which has been full of surprises we know the pandemic is not over yet but we can see Covid-19 related deaths, hospitalisation and infection rates dropping quickly. Brighton and Hove currently has rates well below the national average which can only be accredited to the collective and sacrificial efforts of so many; from the preventative actions of the whole population, to the extraordinary efforts of individuals and organisations who have truly embraced the challenges we’ve faced. Not least, huge credit must go to the Public Health Team and all those involved at the most senior levels who have worked tirelessly and made brave and sometimes unpopular decisions to protect us all. Well done Brighton & Hove. Thank you.

These are just a few highlights, so much more has been done behind closed doors. Our own team at Arch have been extraordinary throughout everything, I cannot express my gratitude to them enough. We look forward to continuing to work with you all towards a better, brighter future which seeks to include, protect and provide for everyone in our great city.

Well done Brighton & Hove. Thank you.

Gary Bishop, CEO, Arch Health CIC

Mobile vaccination service in the news 

February 2021

Arch’s mobile Covid-19 vaccination service, in partnership with St John Ambulance, Justlife and Sussex Community Foundation Trust, was featured on BBC South East on Sunday evening (21st February), in recognition of the fantastic work the service has carried out, vaccinating almost 200 people within the first two weeks.

Please see a write up on the BBC news site

For more information on our vaccine service targeting some of the most vulnerable people in Brighton and Hove, see the dedicated page on our site.

Arch’s mobile vaccination service gets off to a flying start

February 2021Covid vaccinators in St John ambulance Feb 2021

On a freezing cold February morning we were delighted to spread a little cheer in the form of a mobile vaccination service, reaching some of Brighton and Hove’s residents who are without permanent homes. Whilst many are eligible for the vaccine, they may be suffering from other health complications and unable to get the central vaccination sites, and so it is vital to ensure they are not missed out.

We started at one of the larger hostels in the city, with residents eagerly lining up and the vaccination process working extremely smoothly. Arch director Hannah (ANP) led a team provided from St John Ambulance, Sussex Community Foundation Trust and Justlife on the first day out on the road which was a great success. People were pleased to be offered the vaccine which they received in the chilly comfort of the Mobile Treatment Centre.

Day one finished with 54 people receiving their first dose of the Oxford/Astrazeneca vaccine. Hannah said, “it’s been fantastic to be able to reach so many people in one day with just a small team. We have reached so many vulnerable people who would be at risk of complications and an extended hospital stay if they did contract the virus, so it’s been really good to get started vaccinating this group today ”.

Arch’s vaccination service will be running for eight weeks initially, three days a week. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays we will be visiting key locations in the city to reach as many people as possible who fit the criteria for vaccination and are currently homeless or vulnerably housed.

Arch CEO Gary Bishop said, “It is vital that we all work together to take the vaccines to clinically vulnerable people who might otherwise find it difficult to access the bigger vaccination sites and we are very proud to be offering this service in partnership with St. John Ambulance, Sussex Community Foundation Trust, Justlife and other local organisations. This service will benefit Brighton and Hove as a whole, supporting our city getting back to normal as soon as possible. We continue to urge anyone who can travel to vaccination sites to wait for a message from their GP confirming when they’re eligible for vaccination. If you know anyone who isn’t registered with a GP, please encourage and support them to register, as this is the most reliable way of ensuring everyone is vaccinated.”

For further information and any updates on the service, please see our dedicated page on this site.

“Fighting the Tide”: article shortlisted for Award

Fighting the Tide article front page

Feb 2021

We at Arch were delighted to hear that “Fighting the Tide”, an engaging, insightful, multimedia article by Peter Blackburn for the British Medical Association, has been shortlisted for the Expert Citizen CIC’s Insight through Journalism award.

The article takes an in depth look at the successful Pathway model which supports people in hospital who are experiencing homelessness, enabling them to recover properly and supporting them with suitable accommodation and healthcare at the end of their hospital stay. This model has been pioneered, amongst others, by a small but dedicated team based across Arch’s Morley Street surgery and the Royal Sussex County Hospital, with lots of support from Justlife. Arch team Chris Sargeant (GP and Director) and Katie Carter (Advocacy & Discharge Coordinator), along with the Sussex Community Nursing Team, Caterina Speight, and Gregg Lock ensure that patients who might otherwise be discharged back onto the streets, unable to recover properly, are picked up by community, housing and health services, starting a pathway to long term recovery. A relatively small investment in this multidisciplinary team, specialising in connecting the dots, means much bigger long term savings in terms of A&E admissions and often long hospital stays. Not to mention the human benefit of a person supported to survive and once again thrive. As Lee Snowball, who has been through the Pathway model in London says, ‘It’s about giving people a chance – but it’s also forcing them to take the chance. Putting people around them, giving them the help they need. There are ways to get people off the streets and get their health going again, but you need to give people a push when they need that help.’

For more information on the Pathway model at Arch Healthcare, see the pages on our Hospital Inreach team in our Annual report.

Expert Citizens is a Community Interest Company led by people with lived experience of homelessness, mental ill- health, addiction, domestic abuse, poverty or histories of offending behaviour. Now in its second year, the INSIGHT Through Journalism Award recognises and celebrates journalism constructively exploring examples of practice that tackles social disadvantages.

Street Support: all the most important information now in one place

February 2021

Arch is very proud to be a healthcare partner of the newly launched Street SupportBrighton and Hove. This is an online service, accessible via website or app, providing advice, support and resources for people who are vulnerably housed or experiencing homelessness, as well as those working to support them.

This central database of resources aims to help reduce the number of people sleeping rough on the city streets. The speed of which services can be accessed has been shown to reduce homelessness and help avoid deteriorating mental and physical health. The website and app allow for instant access to services and quick and easy booking of meetings with support workers.

The website and app, freely available on Google Play and Apples App Store, holds a bank of information on providers of meals, drop-in services, food banks and accommodation as well as health provision, financial advice and how to access services. The site features an alert flagging when the city council’s severe weather shelter is open and it is hoped that Street Support – Brighton & Hove will become a one stop shop for people experiencing homelessness and those working with them.

Services are searchable by category, postcode or organisation. See the Street Support website. 

Arch Annual ReportFront cover Arch annual report 2019-20
November 2020

Our third annual report has been published and is now available to download. It covers the period April 2019 to March 2020, with foreword from Arch CEO Gary Bishop who says:

“This report is a celebration of our work providing healthcare to people experiencing homelessness in Brighton & Hove from April 2019 to March 2020. You’ll read about the different aspects of provision which we deliver, hear directly from patients and staff and gain some insight into the volume of interventions which our team and close partners facilitated over these 12 months, as together we’ve grafted to address the vast health inequalities which exist in the city.”

Do let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you.

Project Manager needed for Common Ambition
November 2020

We are recruiting a Project Manager for Common Ambition, a 3-year project funded by the Health Foundation which aims to involve patients in the evaluation, design and delivery of health services for homeless patients in Brighton & Hove. The focus in on ensuring patient voice and expertise is included in the commissioning and delivery of services.

The closing date for applications is 29th November 2020. For more information and to apply, go to: https://beta.jobs.nhs.uk/candidate/jobadvert/A1065-20-3464

Using our patients’ voices to improve healthcare for the homeless in our city
November 2020

We are delighted to announce the launch of Common Ambition, in January 2021. This is a large scale patient participation project, in partnership with Justlife, University of Brighton, Brighton & Hove CCG and Public Health Departments.

This 3-year project is supported by the Health Foundation and is aimed at improving health services for homeless people in the city through patient involvement. The project will use innovative methods to ensure our patients’ voices are heard , including the use of ‘collaborative pairs’: bringing patients and clinicians together with commissioners and academics in order to better understand the system and its successes and flaws from one another’s view point.

This learning will drive systemic change in the way health services are commissioned and delivered for homeless patients in the city and will ultimately reduce the dire health inequalities which currently exist. Insights will also be able to be used to transform services across the region and further afield.

Arch CEO and project chairman Gary Bishop said:
“We are delighted to be able to launch this vital project and grateful for the award of funding from the Health Foundation. This is a unique opportunity for our city to reduce suffering and save lives among Brighton and Hove’s homeless population. It means we will have resources to really understand, from a patient view, where the system and services are performing well, and where we can work together to make improvements. All project partners are committed to creating a health system that really works for people who are experiencing homelessness.”

For more information visit our Common Ambition page: https://archhealthcic.uk/common-ambition/

August 2020

We are incredibly proud to have worked together with Brighton and Hove City Council and St Mungo’s during Covid19 to offer over 400 homeless people accommodation in Care & Protect or other accommodation. Please watch our video below to see the inspiring work and join our fight to end street homelessness.

July 2020

“The GP practice with the most helpful receptionists are at Arch Healthcare, Links Road Surgery and Charter Medical Centre which all scored 100 per cent.”

A letter from Arch CEO to update our friends and supporters about our responses to Covid-19 (updated) – April 2020

Hi Friends,

I wanted to say a huge thanks to all the friends and supporters of Arch for your kind words of encouragement and thanks to our team as we’ve tried to respond as quickly and effectively as we can to the Covid-19 outbreak. Like us, many of you have been concerned about the impact of the pandemic on people who have nowhere to self isolate because they are sleeping rough or living in accommodation which they share with others.


As homeless services across the city have experienced staff shortages, and the government have instructed the closure of all gathering points, those who are without secure and private accommodation​ face many challenges. Living on the empty streets of Brighton & Hove without access to food, water, sanitation or shelter is very frightening indeed, even without the constant uncertainty and fear of infection.


Since early March Arch has been working alongside colleagues at Public Health, the City Council, the CCG, and all homeless services in Brighton & Hove to develop appropriate to develop appropriate accommodation for 300-400 homeless people who are either living on the streets or in accommodation with shared facilities which does not allow them to self isolate.

On March 27th the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) instructed all local authorities to move rough sleepers off the streets within just a few days. This announcement gave rise to a huge effort on behalf of all the partners as we tried to secure the necessary accommodation at break-neck speed. It was not without its challenges but city council have secured several facilities to be used for this purpose.


The role of the Arch team has been to help design a system of which follows the Pathway Model of:

Triage – Cohort – Protect – Care

This means that, our clinical team are TRIAGING people and checking for symptoms which may be Covid-19. Based on this assessment, patients with no symptoms are allocated to ‘PROTECT’ accommodation where others who have no symptoms are accommodated and grouped again into those who have higher and lower health risks. Those patients who are found have potential Covid-19 symptomatic are being housed in ‘CARE’ accommodation where they are able to self isolate and recover.

All residents, are checked on daily by key workers and clinicians, and monitored for any changes in their condition. Our Arch clinicians are working closely with the St Mungos team, 7 days-a week, to ensure the best possible care is offered to all. Food, medication and specialist supplies are being delivered to residents so they are able to fully self-isolate.

As you’ll imaging this has been a huge amount of work for a large number of people from many organisations. At Arch we are especially proud of our clinical team, who have advised partners, participated in many conference calls and written extensive guidance whilst continuing to provide care to our own patients back at the surgery. The CCG have support the increase of our team to generate the necessary response and we are currently working to do that.


The Arch team have made many adjustments, we have had our fair share of staff sickness and self isolation due to symptoms within families. As a small team that has been extremely difficult to manage but our staff have responded magnificently and gone the extra mile on every occasion. The surgery remains open but the service is far from normal, almost all our consultations are being conducted by telephone and we have provided mobile phones to those patients who don’t have them.

We are currently still seeing patients who need a face-to-face consultation or a dressing but these are very much the exception just now. This is all the total opposite of our usual ethos which is welcoming, friendly, engaging and keen for people to be seen. We all feel rather uneasy encouraging people to stay away but we know it is necessary to keep patients and staff safe.


From very early in this crisis our clinical team have recorded every patient who we know is required to self-isolate due to either symptoms or circumstances, making an assessment of their needs in terms of food, medication and any specialist equipment. Patients on this list have been contacted daily by a GP or Nurse Practitioner in order for symptoms to be monitored and, where possible, the Justlife Health Engagement team have provided support with deliveries and further telephone care.

Our reflection is that so many individuals and services are working incredibly hard and pulling together to respond to this crisis. We believe in the model which which is now being delivered through collaboration and are confident it will be effective in reducing suffering and saving lives.

Thanks again for your kindness and support. We really do appreciate it. Please stay safe.

Gary Bishop, CEO, Arch Health CIC

Annual Remembrance Event – Wednesday 5th February 2020

Over 60 of us gathered at the Friends Meeting House on Wednesday to remember the 36 homeless people who died in Brighton & Hove over the past year.

Dr Tim Worthley spoke for a short-while about the invisibility, lack of dignity, and loneliness in the lives and deaths of our patients. He reassured those present that by gathering together we stand against those three things, and the system which allows them to happen, as well as take some time to acknowledge our own loss. He ended by offering some encouragement, that even though it always feels as if those working on the frontline could do more, simply conferring dignity and humanity to those we care for has profound significance.

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January 2020

We started off the year being featured in this article by The Doctor magazine showcasing our collaborative work with Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust and Justlife. We shared some of our thoughts on issues around homelessness, health and collaborative solutions in Brighton and Hove (Pages 18-23)

December 2019

You are most welcome to join us for our third annual remembrance event marking the lives of the homeless people who died in Brighton & Hove over the past year.

November 2019

Just before 9am on a chilly Wednesday in November crowds of people were queuing outside the Clarendon Centre on New England Street, Brighton. We had been planning the Homelessness and Health Conference for almost a year and the event had been fully booked almost since the day bookings opened. Delegates were now checking-in in good spirits, setting down in the huge reception area and helping themselves to a complimentary cup of tea or coffee.

This was the second conference of its type, hosted by Arch Health CIC & The Frontline Network. It is a day designed to inspire, connect and equip people who work in homelessness services with lots of practical information about the health needs of homeless people with the ultimate goal of improving health outcomes in this vulnerable community. A total of 134 delegates from over 60 different organisations joined the conference throughout the day, including; GPs, occupational therapists, nurses, support workers, counsellors project workers and the like.

The program included workshops on themes around mental health, physical health and substance misuse as well as opportunities to contribute to the council’s new homelessness strategy and think about self care. Delegates enjoyed input from the Arch team and a wide range of organisations who shared their experience and expertise. Special guest John Conolly, Lead Counsellor from Westminster Homeless Health Service, delivered workshops on ‘Trauma Informed Communication’ and also gave a keynote speech to the whole conference during an afternoon session which also included a Panel Q&A.

This was a free conference sponsored by Arch and the Frontline Network. Delegates also enjoyed a complimentary lunch and refreshments throughout the day which enabled extended networking times and an opportunity for workers from different services to meet each other and build on working relationships as well as meet new colleagues.

The feedback from the day was overwhelmingly positive and we have already begun to plan next years conference. Maybe we’ll see you there.

  • Homelessness & Health Conference 2019 Stand

October 2019

Our second Annual Report (2018-2019) has now been published. Please download and take a look.


On January 28th 2019 Arch Health CIC underwent its first Care Quality Commission (CQC) Inspection at our specialist homeless surgery in Morley Street, Brighton.

These inspections are an extremely demanding and rigorous process which take place at short notice. The three CQC inspectors spent a long day with our team looking at the finer detail of our systems, processes and practices as well as our patient engagement and organisational culture.

The goal of the CQC inspection is to ascertain the extent to which the surgery is:


Each area of the inspection is rated as either: Inadequate, Requires Improvement, Good or Outstanding. The surgery is then given an overall rating.


Earlier this week we received the results of our inspection and are delighted to share them with you.

Arch Healthcare was awarded the overall rating of OUTSTANDING, also achieving OUTSTANDING in ALL FIVE areas of inspection.

We are obviously delighted with this result. The full report can be found here.


Forming and launching Arch Health CIC over the last 3 years has required great dedication by all our staff and we are so pleased that their hard work has been recognised by this inspection. We are extremely proud of every member of our team for what they have created and the service which they provide day in and day out.

We are keen to note that Commissioner colleagues at Brighton & Hove CCG, NHS England and BHCC have played a crucial role in the generation of the integrated homeless healthcare model and taken significant risks in order to rethink and redesign services for Brighton & Hove. We are so grateful for this and hope to continue to work in positive partnership to create outstanding services for homeless people in the city.

Our vision at Arch is ‘to explore every opportunity to improve the health and well-being of homeless and vulnerable people’ and we believe that this rating is an important milestone in providing the best possible care to those who are so often marginalised.

We are so happy to share these results with you and we are determined to remain curious about how we can develop and improve our service in months and years to come.

We hope this can become a catalyst for the Brighton & Hove, Multi-Speciality Homeless Health Centre which we dream of establishing.

For more information please see a related article by Brighton & Hove News here.

Annual Remembrance Event – Wednesday 6th February 2019

If you would like to invite others along to this event please click on the image to download an e-invitation.

Introduction to Arch Healthcare Events – January, March, May, July, September, November 2019

Are you interested in learning more about the work of Arch Healthcare? Would you like to meet the team? Would you like to find out more about healthcare for homeless people in the city?

Then you are very welcome to join us at one of our regular Introduction to Arch Healthcare with tea, coffee and cakes!

These sessions are suitable for people working in the homeless sector, and anyone who would like to know a little more about our work. As well as locals we welcome visits from further afield.

Each session will include: a tour of the surgery, a chance to meet our staff, information about our partner organisations and the values and vision of the organisation.

Tuesday 22nd January 2019 11am
Tuesday 26th March 2019 11am
Tuesday 28th May 2019 11am
Tuesday 23rd July 2019 11am
Tuesday 24th September 2019 11am
Tuesday 26th November 2019 11am

Book your place by clicking on the link below.

Health and Homelessness Conference – November 2018

On November 21st 2018 Arch Health CIC and the Brighton and Hove Frontline Network (facilitated by Justlife in partnership with St Martin’s Frontline Network) hosted the very first local Homelessness and Health Conference at the Friends Meeting House. Prior to the event frontline workers from across the city were asked to submit their suggestions for subjects to be covered in the day and the timetable was developed from those suggestions.

The morning was designed for frontline workers with clinicians joining for the afternoon. 91 delegates attended all or part of the day, one third of whom were clinicians.

Conference attendance was free, lunch tea and coffee were also provided free of charge. We believe this made the  event very accessible and added to the sense of community which permeated the day.

We received feedback from 30 different delegates. 26 said they would attend future events. Collectively they scored the event /5 as follows:

Overall Content Discussion Generated new thoughts Venue/Running
4.6 4.4 4.3 4.3 4.6

Overall the Arch Team are very happy with how the day went and will likely be offering more conferences in the future. Please check back on this page for details.

August 2018

August 2018

July 2018

June 2018

Our first Annual Report (2017-2018) has now been published. Please download and take a look.

May 2018

February 2018

Arch Healthcare hosted a time of quiet reflection and remembrance of homeless people who died in Brighton & Hove over the last year.

It was an informal, creative space enabling professionals, patients, relatives and the general public to spend a short time marking the lives of those we have lost.

The event was covered by the Argus. Please find the article here.

September 2017

We were delighted to host Caroline Lucas MP at the Arch Healthcare surgery. After meeting the staff and some patients we were able to share something of the journey we have been on over the last couple of years from carrying the vision for better homeless healthcare in the city, to creating Arch Health CIC and winning the contract to run the surgery and additional services.

We talked at length about our concerns about the rising numbers of homeless people in the city and further afield and also spent time considering vision to to establish an integrated, multidisciplinary team, co-located in a city centre facility to maximise the impact care we can offer our patients.

Caroline was quite taken with our Arch Vision & Values mural which is on the wall in reception and she’s pictured in front of it here with, Dr Worthley, Hannah Bishop (Advanced Nurse Practitioner) and Gary Bishop (CEO).

June 2017

Arch Healthcare carried out our first patient satisfaction survey this month.

The feedback was really fantastic, there were one or two things to work on but mainly it was really something to celebrate. Here are a few highlights:

Scores out of 4:
Reception staff – 3.88
Nurses – 3.91

Doctors – 3.91

Other Comments
They are sparkly magic
Good and work hard
Always polite
No complaints
Always helpful and polite
All very friendly
Receptionists have good people skills
All very professional, friendly and helpful
Staff are always nice, good staff
Very good people
Very helpful and polite
They dress smart
The staff are genuinely brilliant
All lovely and super friendly
Thanking all the doctors, nurses, receptionists of the past and present for all the hard work and care they’ve given me
All nice people
Bright, cheerful, happy and friendly

Please find the full results here

June 2017

Arch Health CIC – Vision & Values

Vision Statement 

Arch Health CIC exists to explore every opportunity to improve the health and well-being of homeless and vulnerable people. We are committed to this because periods of homelessness can have a devastating impact on a person’s life and we believe that excellent, caring, primary health care can prevent long term suffering and save lives.


May 2017

The Arch Board of Directors met to explore Arch’s Vision & Values.

May 2017

The Arch Health CIC Board of Directors appointed a new Chair on 2nd May 2017.

Please find an introduction to Dr Anna Hiley on our Directors pagehere.

April 2017

Excellent marathon related news from one of our subcontractor organisations Justlife.

Click on the photo below for the full article.

March 2017

Arch Healthcare had our first Patient Participation Group (PPG) meeting this month. This group will meet regularly from now on to consider new and innovative ways of positively influencing the services and facilities offered by Arch Healthcare to patients. If you are interested in getting involved in this PPG please pop into the surgery during opening hours to let our Reception Team know.

March 2017

Introducing the Arch Healthcare Team

Name:Peter Sutcliffe

Role:Practice Manager

What does your role involve:I try to make all the many different operational systems in the surgery work well for patients and for staff

What do you like doing during your time off: During my time off I like to run and also write

What’s the best thing about working for Arch Healthcare:I like Arch because it’s so friendly

February 2017

The Arch Healthcare surgery opened on 1st February 2017.

Arch Health CIC CEO Gary Bishop spoke to HEREabout ‘working with purpose’ and how HERE’s start-up fund helped get the surgery off the ground.

Click on the photo below for the full article.

Gary Bishop HERE

January 2017

An event to introduce Arch Healthcare took place on the 11th January 2017.

Arch Directors Dr Tim Worthley, Dr Chris Sargeant, Hannah Bishop and Gary Bishop presented the new service to around 80 guests.

Murray King, Head of APMS Procurement, NHS England (SE) introduced the event saying: “Whilst we were going through the process it was disheartening at times, we kept hitting snags, problems kept arising but the thing that kept me motivated was having to literally step over a person or two on my way to work and I kept thinking that person’s life is just as valuable as mine.”

Gary Bishop, CEO Arch Healthcare ended the event saying: “We love the surgery. The love came first and the contract came second. This is a vital service for our city and it is such a privilege and honour for us to be the custodians of it for this next stage. I’m sure we won’t get everything absolutely ‘right’ but we can promise we’ll do everything in our power to make the surgery a service which the whole city can be proud of.”

Arch Event Jan 2017

November 2016

November 2016

November 2016

The Arch board are delighted to announce today that we have been awarded the contract to run Brighton Homeless Healthcare; now named Arch Healthcare.

Over a year ago Dr Tim Worthley, Hannah Bishop (ANP), Dr Chris Sargeant, Geraldine Hoban and Gary Bishop created Arch Health CIC. Our purpose was to create a vehicle not-for-profit vehicle which could bid for, win and run the Morley Street surgery and create an outstanding primary health care service for homeless people.

Since then we have received an overwhelming level of support, kindness and encouragement from a wide variety of people and organisations across the city and we are delighted to announce today that Arch Health CIC has been awarded the contract to run the Morley Street Surgery and the homeless health engagement service for Brighton & Hove for the next 3 years.

The new service includes in-reach services to Royal Sussex County and Mill view hospitals plus an engagement service offering non-clinical support to patients. Our vision also includes developing expertise within a wide range of organisations and heath services across the city to ensure the best health outcomes for patients. We will be working with St John Ambulance and Justlife Foundation who currently provide the Pathway Plus homeless hospital discharge service for Brighton & Hove and we anticipate developing far reaching partnerships through which will make a deep and lasting impact on those who we serve in the city.

Dr Worthley said:

“We are delighted to have been invited to provide the new specialist homeless healthcare service in Brighton and Hove. This new service represents an opportunity to significantly improve the healthcare that homeless people in our city receive. As a not for profit company comprised of local clinicians and professionals we are determined to deliver a service which is accessible, restorative and compassionate, and which treats the homeless women, men and families in Brighton with the utmost respect and dignity. We will work tirelessly with local services and the community to this end.”

Arch will take over the contract from The Practice Group on February 1st 2017 and we look forward to taking the service forward with the help of partners Inclusion Healthcare, who recently received an ‘outstanding’ CQC status for their homeless surgery in Leicester. We are keen, even at this early stage, to be engaging with all our supporters, friends and colleagues in Brighton & Hove who are seeking to improve the health and well-being of homeless people and welcome every opportunity to work with others to build a truly excellent service which we can all be proud of.

Thank you for your interest in this journey thus far, we appreciate that very much and we look forward to working with you to improve the health of the poorest fastest.

June 2016

The first ever Arch Health CIC Reception took place on the 28th June 2016.

Arch Directors Dr Tim Worthley, Hannah Bishop, Geraldine Hoban and Gary Bishop presented their vision to around 60 guests.

Dr Tim Worthley, GP Morley Street: “In Brighton over the last 3 years 50 Morley Street patients have died. Their average age was mid 40’s. This is why we push every day, we want to make things better, we want to make things different. Pathway Plus and other projects show that if you provide good healthcare to the homeless you can make a real difference. We have a really exciting vision and just need the chance to see it become a reality.”

Dr Anna Hiley, CEO Inclusion Healthcare: “I really wanted to make the effort to come down to tell you why we agreed to be involved and why we want to support this fantastic team to do something we did six years ago and have never looked back. We have come to know this team and heard from so many of you what a great job they’re doing here and believe they are the right people to help take this service forward and continue providing for you for the next decade.”

Arch Reception 28.6.16

June 2016

“Across the country unsung heroes are leading local initiatives that are improving the nation’s health and wellbeing. Such projects have a special place in our public health system and it is only right that we recognise the people who make them a success.” Jane Ellison MP, Minister for Public Health, at the ‘Excellence in public health and wellbeing 2016 a celebration event’.

  • Winner: Dr Tim Worthley, Lead GP, Brighton Homeless Healthcare Centre
  • Nominator: Caroline Lucas, MP, Brighton Pavilion

Tim Worthley and Jane Ellison

March 2016

The Argus introduces Arch Health CIC, Brighton.

The Argus introduces Arch Health CIC, Brighton.

February 2016

Following stories in The Argus about the number of homeless people dying on our streets Dr Tim Worthley explains what we can do as individuals and collectively.

Following stories in The Argus about the number of homeless people dying on our streets Dr Tim Worthley explains what we can do as individuals and collectively.

January 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 15.30.39

Dr Tim Worthley speaks to the Argus explaining that 21 of his patients died in 2015 and that all the deaths were preventable.

January 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 15.43.43

Dr Tim Worthley speaks with the Argus about how ‘Spice’ has been implicated in at least three recent suicides amongst the homeless population in Brighton.